Greetings from Urban Doe.

The Urban Doe evolved itself in the fashion market this 2019, to bring forth simple, contemporary and comfortable clothing, to all wonderful women out there. Aiming to break stereotyped fashion and setting forth a motto “Dresses for all” - Fashion for all sizes, shapes and shades.

Our Aim - The brand works to create simple yet sophisticated clothes for all occasions. Exploring and experimenting with a wide range of fabrics and handpicking the best options and evolving functional designs, aiming to provide the utmost comfort for the owner.

Who we are? - The Urban Doe is an Indian Brand based out of Chennai, South India. Created by two different minded people thinking the same way, to enhance Indian Clothing Essentials for the modern world. Urban Doe Team has vast prior experience in the fashion industry and a handful of clients who trusted and encouraged our designs and creative knowledge to blossom into a bigger vision. The team specialises in styling and customisations and for their well disposed personal fashion consultations.

Products - Urban Doe wishes for, to take Indian Classic Fashion and evolve it to the modern era and reach international liking - To Redefine Indian Essentials. Our products include everyday workwear, chic and fun dresses and contemporary sarees. The Urban Blouse Couture by The Urban Doe is a collective of contemporary designed saree blouses inspired by the various little things around.

Services - Urban Doe awes diversity and henceforth strive to create clothing for all - sizes, shapes and shades. Therefore Urban Doe put forth customisation options for all, to create and wear clothing one wishes for. Meanwhile, for the fast and ready to go, we have ready-made wear, to pick up, for all types of occasions.

Values - At Urban Doe all dresses are handmade and we value workmanship utmost and prioritise quality foremost. Respect our clients and well-wishers and wishes to grow together every day.