The Urban Doe

Summer - Handwoven Silk Cotton Saree

Rs. 7,499

Material - Silk Cotton 

Colour - Grey Checks, Lemon Yellow Selvedge 

Blouse - Yellow Checks Cotton Fabric (As shown in the picture) 



* The actual colour of the product may slightly vary, due to different screen display settings.  

* Since it's handwoven and naturally dyed, small irregularities in weave and colour falls under a positive side.

* Care to make your saree love you back <3

1. Hand wash with gentle cold water with absolutely no detergents. 

2. Natural soaps preferable, do not soak for a long time. 

2. Dark colours may be transferred to lighter colours. Hence deep colours should be washed separately.  

3. Avoid direct sunlight. Line dry in shade for longer life of colours. 

4. Store the saree folded inside a muslin/cloth bag. 

4. These products are very much alive and they age gradually. A little extra care will help you treasure them longer. 



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